Contact Information

Sales: 502.244.0910


Address: 16121 Shelbyville Rd., Louisville, KY 40245

Specializing in Wrecks & ReBuildables

We are a full service body shop specializing in rebuilding vehicles that are wrecked or determined a "total loss", as well as insurance estimates and repairs for "fender benders".

We take the time to repair vehicles properly and safely. We never take any shortcuts just to achieve a "quick turn-around" other shops promise. More often than not, we actually put vehicles back together stronger than when they left the factory.

We do not advertise! We could not possibly handle the additional business advertising would bring us. Quality would suffer with volume and quick turn-arounds. We operate strictly on word of mouth from our many happy customers! Please contact us or visit our online store for current inventory of cars for sale and wrecks available for purchase.